woensdag 11 juni 2014


                                                  LIVING LIFE HURTS SOMETIMES

I feel so lonely these days. Trying to feel anything these days.It's so hard to find peace of mind and even a piece of my mind that says please don't cry?
I try, i try so hard to come on one line. But the feeling keeps pushing my lines, away.
(Confused by e-motion)
I can't seem to focus. I can't even cry when i want to. I feel bliss but sorrow also...
My pain could be a lesson for many. But if i have to say any.
(I would say, live free... live free.)

I can't feel anything these days but pain and agony.
All i see is the grief in me, touching my heart. It keeps a hold on me...
I can't set it free. I wish, it would just let me be.
But through all the pain and sorrow, we have to strife for a better tomorrow.
Not knowing where to go. Not even seeing some light.
But still, a feeling is right.
Maby a touch from my Angel Light. I wish i could see how bright, it really is.
I do miss the days of the past but that won't last. caus drifting away keeps me there,
and i ain't meant to stay in that time. I have to consider my mine

10-05-2014 22:07

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